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Punjabi Mutton (Goat) Curry

Married to a Bengali ensures I cook goat curry every Sunday. It's a sacred ritual for him. And my daughter's obsession for bone marrow has made it a must at our home now. I am always on the lookout for goat recipes. This Punjabi mutton curry is very similar to my regular goat curry with the exception of using ghee as opposed to mustard oil. And boy! what a difference it has made. I also made it in a semi gravy style, which went perfectly well with pulao/pilaf. It would go well with any of the Indian breads too like naan, kulcha, chapati.

The recipe turned out so well, that we all over indulged and licked the bowl clean. We burned our excess calories with a fun family swim in the evening. I had to document this recipe to reach back incase my memory fails me or if any of you would be interested in trying it. I promise you, its would disappoint. It's a fairly easy recipe to follow. Please dont skip the ghee as that's what takes this curry to a whole new level. I am conserv…