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Gluten Free Chapati/Sorghum Flatbread

Chapati/ Roti/ Poli - Different names for a simple flat-bread made in most Indian homes on a daily basis. Its usually made up of whole wheat which is freshly milled at the local flour mill. The most common carbohydrates consumed in an Indian diet are rice and wheat. Interestingly potatoes and corn are considered more as vegetables than carbs. In fact you can segregate the Indian populations geographically with North India relying heavily on wheat as opposed to South Indians being rice eaters and a whole segment in between who need both rice and the wheat chapatis in each meal. My daughter grew up preferring to eat chapatis even though my husband and I were born rice eaters. All hell broke loose when she was diagnosed with gluten allergy. Meal times became a struggle as she pushed away every meal with rice. Desperately i searched the internet for help. I tried many different mixes with starches and gums added but I still wasn't getting the soft pliable texture of a chapa

The Birth of Moksha Food

Hi there, Welcome to MokshaFood! I am a wife and mom for whom cooking is a necessity and pleasure. Having been in a creative profession, my stay at home status after being blessed with motherhood needed some release. My kitchen then became my blank canvas to get my creative juices flowing. My family loves a variety in their daily meals and supported my efforts. My dear daughter  crowned me the "best chefer cooker in the world!" LOL :) My tryst with allergies started in 2011 when my daughter got diagnosed with food allergies - wheat, eggs and corn . Suddenly cooking became a challenge. Having a child that loves variety in her food but sensitive to changes added to my struggle. I spend hours scouting the internet for recipes and a crazy time in my kitchen experimenting. I wanted to give her a normal childhood where she could enjoy every kind of food with some twists. Fast forward to 2014, I was diagnosed with severe Gastrointestinal issues making it difficult for me to h